TJ Honyaku is a small company, and a new one, but our team knows how to share compelling messages that get customers moving, in English and in Japanese.

Our translation leader, Jim Rion, has been a full time translator and writer since 2016, with work experience ranging from Japan’s leading microprocessor manufacturers to tiny local businesses.

What People Say

Jim is my #1 choice for virtual events because he is always prepared, thoroughly understands technical terms/processes and frankly, just loves connecting with craft breweries.

Paul Willenburg, Namazake Paul

Jim has now interpreted for a number of online events for me as part of my Taste with the Toji project. He is a joy to work with

Simone Maynard, Taste With The Toji

Jim … has been instrumental for us to reach our audience outside of Japan. … [W]ith his passion for writing about sake he brings the Japanese tradition in easy to understand articles which everyone understands and craves for.

Eric Fong, Flavour of Life

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